Re: [Evolution] suggestion for an enhancement on saving attachments

On Mon, 2001-10-15 at 14:02, mark wrote:

Please find below some ideas ive had with future enhancements for evo:

1.Ive noticed that when you go to save an attachment, and you don't wont
to save in directly in '/home/user-name/', but you browse to the
selected location, say '/home/user-name/tmp' it removed the name of the

It would be very helpful if you could just browse to the selected folder
and then click save.

This would then keep the original name of the attachment, re entering
the attachment name is fine on small titles, but say you have a large
name, it can be difficult to remember what its called

It's a gtk bug; we've fixed it anyway in packages we should be releasing
soon to Red Carpet. Whether or not the upstream maintainers accept the
patch is still an open question, I believe.

2. To be able to attach more than one file in the same directory at the
same time, buy say holding down the shift key.
As at present you have to keep pressing the attach icon, and if the
files you require are buried beep in the directory tree this can get a
little frustrating at times

This is also a gtk issue; we can probably pass this onto our gtk hackers
to take a look at but I have no idea if this is doable within the
current file selector API.

Luis Villa
Ximian Bugmaster
"Quality is an amazing bridge because it is universal in its language."
Thomas Corcoran

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