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On Mon, 2001-10-15 at 14:17, Williams, Sam HS-SNS wrote:

Personally, I see this as Yet Another Reason why people receiving
serious mail (either lots of mail or important mail) should use a
seperate program as a mail server.

I run an IMAP server locally at home for my mail, and tools around it to
totally isolate the task of reading mail.

fetchmail run in cron and downloads my email
maildrop filters the email into folders
courier-imap provider mail services to any IMAP client (including evo)
exim provides SMTP to any mail client.

I routinely use Evolution at home and work, but with this system if any
part of evolution dies I can just use another mail client and don't
loose the ability to read all of my mail, filter the mail, send mails
etc.  It also means that when I'm not in the office/home I can ssh into
my machines and read my mail in pine/mutt/less.

The only loose end is the contacts - I have yet to successfully install
an LDAP server which works in Evolution.  Has anyone who has done this
written a guide?

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