[Evolution] Evolution: Recovery from Disaster

Last week I reported that when my disk filled I was forced to re-create
myself as a new user or not use evolution. I labored or the decision for a
day or so. After receiving no guidance at all I decided to take a stab at
the issue.

After cleaning up the disk space issue that caused problems in the first
place, I then took the evolution directory and moved it to evolution_old. I
then ran evolution. Of course I get the same response requesting that I
create a new user account. I said sure. It created an appropriate evolution
directory with all the important start-up configurations. BTW, it also
required that I go in and tweak with things like the pop server name,

Once this looked good I then exited from evolution and pulled up two
terminal window sessions. I then used one to cd into the evolution_old
directory and the other into the evolution directory. I then  looked into
the "Local" and "Config" directories. It looked like Config contained
nothing of significant difference. Local on the other hand had all my old
folders. I essentially copied the contects of evolution_old/Local to
evolution/Local. After this I had to bring up evo a couple of times to see
what was missing, like the filters.xml file from the evolution root.

Once all this stuff was back where it should be everything seemed to work
properly and behave as I expected. In a nutshell it does appear to be

My recommendation is that if you have the space you might want to consider
making a cron enabled backup copy of your evolution directory nightly or at
a minimum weekly to give you the ability to recovery in this situation in
the future.

Sam Williams
samurai acm org
sam williams hs utc com

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