Re: [Evolution] Sent folder is now bold and displays message count

On Fri, 2001-10-12 at 15:03, Miles Lane wrote:
> (snip)
> number displayed indicates the number of new messages.  Bolding 
> the folder name when the total number of messages is displayed
> violates the meaning the vast majority of users associate with this UI.
> There has been at least two people who have requested that instead
> of showing one number, be two numbers shown when unread messages
> exist in a folder.  I envision it working like this:
>     Drafts (3)
>     Inbox (2048/32)
>     Sent (512)
>     Outbox (2)
This would be lovely but I'm fine with just one number (# unread); I can always open the folder to see how many msgs there are, total.  Not a number that interests _me_ much.

What I'd like MUCH more would be to have a little Mozilla-like colored indicator show up next to the folder name each time messages are filtered into a folder (and disappear when I open the folder).  ATM I have 48 unread messages in my Inbox and that's about average; so I can never really tell when I have NEW messages in a folder (I keep those messages which are important require my eventual attention marked "unread"...)


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