Re: [Evolution] Sent folder is now bold and displays message count

Nope.  To begin with, I'm confounded as to why anyone would care how
many a) Sent or b) Deleted messages he or she has.  But of course
everyone is different, and if this is an intended behaviour, there is
indeed a bug (b/c the counts don't appear until the folders are opened).

What I am annoyed by is that these folder names are bolded once Evo
realizes they have something in them.  Tradition--not only in Evo but in
most GUI mailers I've known--says that bold implies UNREAD messages.  

Actually I must say I've always loved the fact that Evo generally did
not bold the Trash box even when it DID contain unread messages--I often
delete unread messages when I am sure they do not interest me, and don't
want to be reminded that they exist by having a bold Trash folder.  Now
it even stays bold when I do a Ctrl-A, Ctrl-K to ensure that they are
all marked "read".  (Very amusing behaviour when I do a Ctrl-A,
Ctrl-Shift-K in the Trash folder!).

My point: I never want to see Trash or Sent folders bolded.  Put the
counts after the names, no problem.  Please just don't make them jump
out at me with bold text.

Thanks as always for your work,

On Fri, 2001-10-12 at 12:16, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
The idea here is to always show the number of deleted items. It's a bug
that it doesn't show up immediately I that what you are
complaining about?


On Thu, 2001-10-11 at 22:14, Eric Lambart wrote:
FWIW, to revive this old thread... the Trash box also goes bold and
displays a count if you open it.  DEFINITELY annoying and IMHO

(still using 10-05 snapshot; as usual I'm waiting until bugzilla reports
the resolution of some bug I want fixed before downloading a new snap)


On Fri, 2001-10-05 at 15:29, Richard Pavlovsky wrote:
I just downloaded Evo ver 0.15.99+cvs10.05.08.08.

In the folder summary, my sent folder is now bold and displays a message
count.  I have no new messages in sent so it should not be bold.  

Rich Pavlovsky  
rpavlovs engr csulb edu

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