[Evolution] 0.15 won't start

Hi all,

"Upgraded" to 0.15 via red-carpet last week and now evolution-mail crashes
with a segmentation faul EVERY TIME.  This was not a problem under 0.13 or
0.14.  I have Mandrake 7.0.  The evolution GUI proceeds to pop up, but no
mail access at all.  After exiting, there are still MANY *MANY*
evolution-mail threads hanging around.  An oaf-slay is still needed.
In addition, the bug-buddy also fails now so I can't send a report through
"normal channels".  I've attached an strace of an attempt.  It's funny
how one person says this release is sooo stable and it's the first for me
that has been completely unusable :-)

Is there any other information I can provide to track this down?  Is there
a problem in one of the other libraries for the Mandrake packages?

Thanks for listening,
Donald A. Peterson       | dpeterso engr orst edu
Ph.D. Research Associate |
Dept. of Chemistry       | PH:  (541) 737-7079
Oregon St. University    | FAX: (541) 737-0480

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