[Evolution] Re: initialize problem with evolution

On Sat, 2001-10-06 at 20:22, mwr4722 wrote:
I just have installed the bonobo and bonobo-config of redcarpet, and after 
that, trying as user opening evolution, I received message "cannot initialize 
ximian evolution shell: configuration database not found" and in the 
debugging "evolution-shell-WARNING **: Cannot access Bonobo/ConfigDatabase on 
wombat: (IDL:OAF/GeneralError:1.0)". If i do that as root, no problem. 


If root works, it's probably a problem with the permissions on your 
/usr/.../share/*.oaf files.



thanks : problem was solved with command (as user) oaf-slay : so problem
solved. Now I have another problem : i try to access (read) or import my
kmail-folders under evolution. Perhaps any idea ? I think it has
anything to do with the mbox-format under kmail.


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