[Evolution] Patch for GKrellM v1.2.2 for correct mail stats

I think this would be useful to some of you who have mbox folders and
use GKrellM to check for accurate mail count stats.

This will accurately show a count on the mbox folders which you are
checking for Evolution with the X-Evolution header.  Let me know if you
run into any trouble at all.  

In GKrellM-1.2.2 src/ dir:  patch < patch.mail.c

Only issue I've seen which might be corrected by 1.2.2 is that if you
use another email program which uses the Status flag, the count was off
because of an additional header.  I think this was fixed in GKrellM

Please let me know if this has been of help! :)

Andrew Lombardi
Mystic Coders
andrew mysticcoders com


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