Re: [Evolution] same old problem with composer window

On Mon, 1 Oct 2001, Timothy Flechtner wrote:

i was also having this problem since the dawn of time (roughly speaking), i
tried deleting all the .oafinfo files i coud find, and that didn't seem to
improve matters (other than giving me the opportunity to reinstall
bonobo-conf et al.  what finally worked for me was running oaf-sysconf
--add-directory=<location of .oaf files>.

godd luck!


Thanks, tim, this did not work for me.

Are there any more ideas? This is most frustrating as I would like to use
the otherwise great looking program.


On 2001.10.01 13:49 ebi6 wrote:
I am still still getting the same old problem:

'Could not create composer window.'


'Unable to retrieve message from editor'

I have compiled 0.14 on slackware.

Some help would be appreciated.

Thanks as always,

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