[Evolution] Can I do this in evolution?

I've been using Evolution since 0.12 and like it a lot (I'm now using
0.15 on RedHat 7.1 (i386)). I will like it even more if I find out how
to do these things:
1) When the folder is selected, have the highlight automatically move to
the first unread message in the folder.
2) Make a ``template'' I can create messages from. Also, I want to be
able to send these messages to a number of people. Can I create
something like a mail alias? Would I do this with a vfolder?
3) Use emacs-type cursor movement and editing commands in composer
window (at least C-f, C-n, C-p, C-v, C-b, C-d).
4) Stop reordering of threaded messages when messages earlier in the
thread are deleted.
5) Have the new message count in folder display update correctly and
6) Display double-byte characters (e.g. Japanese). Also, you can set the
character encoding for outgoing messages to iso-2022-jp (and shift-jis
and EUC) but I can't get my regular Japanese tools (kinput2 and canna)
to work at all inside the composer.
7) Be able to use an external editor (such as emacs).
8) Actually be able to use the evolution conduits with my Palm Pilot.
(The calendar sort of syncs; EToDo causes segfaults; EAddress crashes
wombat and segfaults).

If anyone can tell me how to do these things I'd be real grateful.
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