Re: [Evolution] Palm sync successful, no display in Evo

It has worked here.
I did see however that when the conduits to sync both to Ev and the
Gnome address book and calendar that the Gnome address book and calendar
did not sync. I've always had intermittent problems syncing with the
calendar anyway. I turned off the Ev syncing and it synced with the
Gnome address book.
One thing I had set in the pilot conduits that really screwed up my
settings on my Palm was setting it to sync, rather then copy from pilot.
When I had sync set it emptied some email and address entries on my
Palm, defaulted all views on the pilot to default to the work phone
number, and any entry in the Palm address book that had a note attached,
is now gone. I know leave it on copy from Palm.


On Thu, 2001-10-04 at 14:02, Darren Alexander wrote:
I am able to successfully sync my visor using the the Evolution
conduits, however, when I go to Evolution to view my calendar and to-do
lists I see nothing except the test entries that I had entered previous
to my attempts to sync.  I am able to see my addressbook entries, and it
may be interesting to note that I never entered any test data into the

Has anyone else had this problem?

Also, are there plans for a mail conduit similar to the outlook and
netscape conduits? 

Thanks in advance,

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