[Evolution] More info for bug 5348

For some reason Bugzilla won't let me log in...  It sent me my password,
but then says I have a bad user name when I go to use the same email
address and password it just sent me...

Anyway, here is some more info regarding the Exchange bug where
Evolution doesn't update the new message count properly:

If I send myself a message when the INBOX IS selected and hit
send/receive 100 times, the message count will NOT be updated.  It
will only be updated when a second new message arrives, at which point
only the FIRST message shows up as new.

If I send myself a message when the INBOX is NOT selected, and I hit
send/receive, the message count IS updated with the message I just sent.

Knowing this last, perhaps there could be a workaround put in place
(If only for 1.0... this is a _really_ annoying bug..)?  Something akin
to changing to a local folder behind the scenes when send-receive

Richard Ziegler
Release Engineer / ClearCase Administrator
(617) 503-0442
CertCo, Inc.   

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