Re: [Evolution] Encrypted Attachments with Evo 0.14 AND 0.15

The problem here is that the other mailer doesn't support PGP/MIME or so
I'd suspect. That means this isn't an Evolution bug.


On Thu, 2001-10-04 at 01:25, Ralph Sanford wrote:
Just downloaded and installed Evo 0.15 to replace the 0.14 that was
giving me problems with encrypted attachments.

The problem continues in Evo 0.15.  Attachments sent encrypted by Evo
are not usable when received on an emailer other than Evo.  The
encrypted attachment from Evo is not separated as an attachment like it
should be and is shown with the email body in some format language (does
not appear to be typical pgp encrypted text).

Jerry, you had made the comment that the pgp coding had not changed
between Evo version 0.13 and 0.14.  Is it possible that there was a
change in how Evo handles attachments (mime, base64, QP)?

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