Re: [Evolution] Several issues

On Wed, 2001-10-03 at 10:52, Lonnie Borntreger wrote:
I have a weird problem with anoncvs access.  Every now and then I pull
from cvs, and the previous changes are removed.  Redoing the retrieval
will re-patch in the updates.  Redoing it again will back them out. 
Redoing it again will re-patch the updates again.........  Other times
it works flawlessly.

this is a result of the three anoncvs servers behind the roundrobin that
is being out of sync

i guess using one of them explicitly is the only viable option 
they are anoncvs[1|3|4] 

In either HTML or plain text, the text I'm typing flashes.  Sometimes it
is just the last 3-5 letters, other times it can affect the whole
display.  Is this a known issue?

In file included from e-bonobo-widget.c:30:
e-bonobo-widget.h:27:34: bonobo/bonobo-widget.h: No such file or

The latest CVS (from 2:30AM Central Time) blows up with this error in
widgets/misc.  It seems that BONOBO_CONF_CFLAGS is missing from the
INCLUDE variable in the Makefile. has been sitting  in
bugzilla for almost 2 months already

i understand the worry of enormous buildlines but including only the
BONOBO_GNOME_CFLAGS and not the BONOBO_GNOME_LIBS (in fear of libtool)
will at least partialy remedy the situation


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