RE: [Evolution] Filters on IMAP

You should be able to move messages from folder A to folder B regardless
of where folder A or folder B resides.


On Mon, 2001-10-01 at 21:19, Thomas Mailund wrote:
On Tue, 2001-10-02 at 10:50, Stuart Luppescu wrote:
On Mon, 2001-10-01 at 18:39, Thomas Mailund wrote:
On Mon, 2001-10-01 at 23:05, s-luppescu uchicago edu wrote:

I think the problem is that in IMAP you don't actually ``receive'' messages

I should still be able to manually apply filters on the folder,
shouldn't I?

Nope. The way I understand it, the messages have to actually be
downloaded from the server to your client software and stored on the
client for the filters to get applied. The filters get applied in the
middle of that process. With IMAP, the messages just stay where they are
on the server. Since they don't get transferred, there's no way to apply
the filters. 

that turns out not to be the case. I've tried creating a filter that
moves mails to one of my local folders, and I can both apply the filter
and make it work on new emails. Since I can both move mails between IMAP
folders, *and* apply filters to IMAP folders, I think I should be able
to combine the two and have filters that moves mails between IMAP
folders, right?


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