Re: [Evolution] Executable signature

There are programs (specifically meant for this purpose) available on
Freshmeat that pipe stuff from something like fortune or whatever to a
unix socket, and if you do that you can select the socket with Evo's
file selector thingy and it'll work.

Granted it's a pain, but it'd work.

There's already a feature request for this, but no idea when it'll be


On Wed, 2001-11-28 at 19:12, Victor Hadianto wrote:
Hi list, 

I'm migrating from KMail to Evolution, so far so good. however there is
one feture in KMail that I dearly miss, it's the ability to use an
executable for my signature. I notice that I couldn't do this in
Evolution. Is this true? Or has anyone know any work-around?

Victor Hadianto
(no more quotes, the novelty has worn off)

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