Re: [Evolution] syncml-support

It would have made a hell of a lot more sense to just use raw MIME since
you still have to parse MIME after decoding the XML anyway.


btw, I assume message/rfc822, message/rfc2822 and message/rfc2045 are
all the same?

rfc2822 is just rfc822 but with some clearer explanations of some
things, the spec didn't change at all other than that.

rfc2045 is 1 of the MIME specs - I assume it's a full message part? I
guess they just wanted a message/* type that enforced MIME? I don't see
why they just didn't stick with message/rfc822 all around, if the
application is capable of parsing MIME then it would else it wouldn't.

It's like having text/plain, text/plain2 and text/plain-with-text.


I'm not having warm fuzzy feelings about this spec already...


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