Re: [Evolution] pilot-link handles UTF-8 conversions

Dan Hensley wrote:

I have a tarball labeled pilot-link-0.9.6.tar.gz.  I can't remember
where I got it, but it installs with the tag 0.9.6cvs.  At any rate,
this one is broken with regards to compiling iconv support.  The release
0.9.5 does seem to compile fine.  I'm not sure about current pilot-link
CVS because I haven't tried it yet.

I ran into the exact same problem you had, and the only solution was to
revert to 0.9.5.

Yeah, same here. :)  I couldn't find where I got the tarball, but it
must have been from some CVS snapshot or something.

I've reverted to 0.9.5, and like you said, it seems to have fixed the


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