[Evolution] Transfer of data from one installation of evolution to another


I've just installed evolution for the first time. So the problems I have are still on a very basic level. The 
first one: how can I share data between two installations of evolution on different computers. I just tried 
to copy the content of the ~/evolution/Tasks folder from one computer to another. But on the second one the 
changes of the first one didn't appear. When I opend evolution everything was the same as before I had copied 
the data of the other computer. More strange: the files in ~/evolution/Tasks seem to be restored to the 
status before. (Perhaps important: I had imported the data from my palm)

So what's going on in the background. Which filed do I have to copy, if I want to transfer data from one 
computer to another?

A second question: Can I open evolution without the email modul? (It might sound strange, but I prefer to use 

Thanks in advance

Gerhard Schuck
geschu ma5 seikyou ne jp

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