Re: [Evolution] No new snapshots?

I would imagine that bandwidth gets pretty expensive when you have
people downloading packages they already have installed, just so they
can get the "latest" snapshot.  It doesn't really make any sense to keep
running rpm upgrades on packages if the files don't change, that's just
asking for something to break.

Chris Tooley

On Wed, 2001-11-21 at 10:58, Michael Leone wrote:
On Tue, 2001-11-20 at 22:08, JP Rosevear wrote:
On Tue, 2001-11-20 at 17:12, Michael Leone wrote:
There don't seem to be any new snapshots since the 14th; that was just
before RC2 came out. What's the scoop? I was using the snaps by
manuallly FTPing them, since Red Carpet doesn't work for my distro. And
the snapshot build status web page - - haven't been updated since even
earlier than that, the 11th.

Any idea on when snapshots will be available again?

Not sure, nothing is really changing since RC2.

OK. But the last snapshot shows ".99.1", so it's not RC2. That may just
be a technicality. Even so, shouldn't the snapshots have been built? In
the past, they were built whether there were many code changes or not.
Has there been some change in policy?


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