Re: [Evolution] Filters (again)

On Mon, 2001-11-19 at 18:10, Matt Nelson wrote:
I have been seeing problems with IMAP filtering in evo for a while now
(currently using 2001., and would like to get feedback from
the list on it:

Evolution will only filter messages if the IMAP server tells it that it
is the first client to see those messages. So if you ever read your mail
with another client, any messages it is told about (even if you don't
read them) won't get filtered by evolution.

It's also possible that you have some other rule that ends in "Stop
Processing" that matches some of these messages and causes filtering on
them to be stopped before reaching the evolution mailing list rule?

I should point out that I have *attempted* to set up server-side
filtering on the MS Exchange server to do my filtering (though I can
never be sure if my rules are server-side or client side, since Outlook
doesn't actually use those terms, tells you that rules *may* live either
place, but doesn't tell you how to figure out where they actually
live... I hate that program...).  Is it possible that Exchange Server
has "touched" the messages, and that prevents Evo from applying rules
(even though they show up in the message pane as unread)?

I would think it wouldn't do that, but yes, this is possible.

-- Dan

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