Re: [Evolution] new mail notification

One problem with most of the mail checking applets is they don't support
secure IMAP and POP.  More and more places are shutting down unsecured
email ports so this becomes more of an issue.  Since Evolution already
has the SSL stuff in place it seems like having Evolution do some sort
of notification would be a good thing for SSL users.


On Thu, 2001-11-08 at 17:43, E. Joshua Rigler wrote:
Maybe I'm thinking of Balsa, but doesn't evolution have some kind of
"new mail" notification option?  A beep?  A small pop-up window? 

If not, and if one's not planned for sometime relatively soon after 1.0
is released, can anyone say something about evolution updating IMAP
folders?  If I use a mail checker applet or Pine, it recognizes when a
new mail arrives, but once I read it with evolution, it never registers
that the "N" flag has been removed on the server.

This is not a problem with Netscape mail.  Both Pine and my mail check
applet (Flink) notice that the "new" messages have been viewed (i.e. the
"N" flag disappears).  I haven't tried it with Mozilla mail.  I did a
quick scan of, and saw several somewhat similar
complaints, but almost invariably the blame was laid on the IMAP server.

BTW, Flink is the only mail checker I've found that seems to be properly
designed to work with IMAP...gbiff crashes EVERY time, and the Gnome
Mailcheck applet keeps spinning if there are old or new messages in my
INBOX.  Has anyone had much luck getting any other mail checker to work
with an IMAP INBOX?


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