R: [Evolution] Problems with last snapshots

Hi, perhaps I see now some light.
If I use the method of 2 shells in the one where I run evolution-mail, I get
lots of errors:

Gdk-WARNING **: Missing charsets in FontSet creation

Gdk-WARNING **:     ISO8859-15

Gdk-WARNING **:     ISO8859-15

I think it is (obviusly) a font problem...
I investigate now, but if you have another smart idea ... :)

Thanks, Gianluca Romito

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Da: Ettore Perazzoli [mailto:ettore ximian com]
Inviato: mercoledì 7 novembre 2001 0.06
A: Gianluca Romito
Cc: evolution ximian com
Oggetto: Re: [Evolution] Problems with last snapshots

Hi, I've upgraded all what was upgradable from the ximian red carpet
channel, and now I'm unable to read or send emails with evolution:
If I try to read an email i get:

The evolution component that handles folders of type "mail"
ha unexpectedly quit. You will need to quit etc.......

  If you get a GNOME crash dialog for the `evolution-mail' process, you
can submit a bug report into the Bugzilla by clicking on "Submit bug

  If no crash dialog is displayed (i.e. you only get the "the Evolution
component..." message), please try running `evolution-mail' from a
terminal, wait a 15 seconds or so, then launch `evolution' from another
terminal.  Then try to reproduce the bug and tell us what
`evolution-mail' outputs when the crash happens.


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