[Fwd: [Evolution] calendar task problem]

this is the solution for the calendar / task problem
Raimund Sacherer
Linux Solution Provider
email: r sacherer gmx at

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Hi Raimund,

I found your call for help on the evolution mailing list, when I was
searching a solution for the very same problem as you have (had?). The
list-response, that looked as cryptic to me as it looked for you, was
however pointing towards the right and simple solution:

$cd /usr/share/oaf/
$mv GNOME_Evolution_Calendar.oaf GNOME_Evolution_Calendar.oaf.old

And evolution worked!! I couldn't believe my eyes that this problem that
i suffered from for more than a week was this easy to solve. Note that
/usr/local/src/evolution contains in this case the source of evolution.
You can get that using cvs, apt-get source of any other usual method.

Hoping this works for you too!

Wouter Oosterveld
Delft University of Technology

PS. I'm not subscribed to the Evo-mailing list, so I couldn't post this
over there.

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