[Evolution] Re: [Evolution-hackers] IMAP weirdness & mult. accounts

On 30 May 2001 20:34:33 -0500, Brian wrote:
Evolution is pretty rock-solid for me, but I do have a couple of issues.

First, when I create an IMAP account, everything is fine unless I set my
sent mail folder to reside on the IMAP server.  Evolution then forgets
which IMAP subfolders I'm subscribed to and then can't check the mail in
those folders unless I select each folder manually.  I can't even use
"Tools --> Manage Subscriptions ..." to fix it.

I can't reproduce this??

Also when I create an alternate mail identity complete with its own
signature file but with "None" as the account type, I can click on compose
and select the alternate identity but it doesn't insert the signature
associated with it.  Is this intentional?

this one is a known issue


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