Re: [Evolution] Comments on latest snapshot

Sad to reply to my own mails, but as of the 2001-05-29 snapshot:

On 29 May 2001 15:37:57 +0100, Ross Burton wrote:
* View -> Hide Deleted Messages appears to be broken again. Evo
to hiding deleted messages, but the menu shows that option is off.

Works again.

* custom views don't work - is this known?

In mail, the dialog works but when I try and edit a view, the two lists
contains "[custom widget creation failed].

I cannot check the Contacts views and evolution-contacts crashes when I
access it.  I'll try and track this one down later.

* in the executive summary the "Evolution" bar is down the left. Is
broken? It looked a lot better along the top.

* the import dialogue on startup is weird - the list of importers
multiple selections but that is confusing

This dialogue is UI hell!  :-)  To stop the imports, I must select
Netscape and disable the settings and then press "dont ask again", do
the same for Pine, and then press Import. But I'm not importing
anything!  Maybe I'll play with Glade at some point.

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