Re: [Evolution] non sticky auto get of mail

On Monday May 28 2001 12:52, you wrote:
Exit Evolution and run killev.

Go to

heh heh  went there and could find all but the evolution rpm.

Just get RedCarpet (the rpm is also in the above directory) and install
it.  Then (as quoted from Rubin Bennett):

OK I'm getting the RedCarpet rpm now, I'll install, and the next step I don't 
understand though. What's a "symlink" and how do I remove it? Is 
/etc/redhat-release just a text file with the one line in it?

I'm new to linux, if you don't want to mess around answering my questions I 
understand. As soon as payday rolls around I'm going to get a newbie Linux 
book of some sort.

Remove the symlink between /etc/Mandrake-release and
create /etc/redhat-release with the line:
Red Hat Linux release 7.1

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