Re: [Evolution] non sticky auto get of mail

We help "newbies" cheerfully in our quest for Total World Domination
(evil laugh...).  Actually, one of the biggest strengths of the Free
Software/ Open Source model is that we all help one another, gurus and
newbies alike.  Someday when you are a full blown Linux Guru, perhaps
you'll answer a question for me.  Or someone else.  Gawd knows I've
asked my share of questions on newsgroups and mailinglists in the past.


See coments inline.

On 28 May 2001 18:50:51 -0500, Bob Barnes wrote:
On Monday May 28 2001 12:52, you wrote:
Exit Evolution and run killev.

Go to

heh heh  went there and could find all but the evolution rpm.

Just get RedCarpet (the rpm is also in the above directory) and install
it.  Then (as quoted from Rubin Bennett):

OK I'm getting the RedCarpet rpm now, I'll install, and the next step I don't 
understand though. What's a "symlink" and how do I remove it?

A Symlink (actually it's a symbolic link) is similar but WAY better to a
"shortcut" in Windoze.  a symlink is (mostly) transparent to the
application that uses it; you can use it like a shortcut, but you can
also use it to make it so that you can have multiple "virtual" copies of
a file that have the same contents.  Check out /etc/rc.d and the
directories below it for numerous symlinks... at each runleve, the OS
runs each file it finds in approporiate directory; if you have a system
that executes 3 runlevels on bootup, then you'd have to keep 3 copies of
each file straight (versions etc.).  With links, you ling aliases from
each directory to the "real" file and then you only have to maintain one

To remove it, it's the same as a regular file: rm {filename}.

To recreate it or find out more about ln, do:
man ln
/etc/redhat-release just a text file with the one line in it?

I'm new to linux, if you don't want to mess around answering my questions I 
understand. As soon as payday rolls around I'm going to get a newbie Linux 
book of some sort.

I highly recommend Linux Unleashed.  I'd also suggest you spend some
quality time at

Remove the symlink between /etc/Mandrake-release and
create /etc/redhat-release with the line:
Red Hat Linux release 7.1

Good luck!

Rubin Bennett
Complete Connection, Inc.
(802) 223-4448
rbennett completeconnection com

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