Re: [Evolution] Evolution and i18n

On 28 May 2001 22:57:42 +0500, Dan Winship wrote:
in the header part of the preview pane.  If I choose a font in encoding
ISO-8859-15 for the HTML viewer (in the Gnome control center), I get the
Euro sign, but then presumably I can't also see the ISO-8859-1 character
A4 in an ISO-8859-1 encoded message or string.

Yup. The way things are now, you need to choose a unicode/iso-10646
encoded font in order to be able to see characters from more than one
iso-8859 character set. If you have XF86 4.0, then you have such a font.
(I don't have XF86 4.0, so I don't know what it's called. :-)

Actually this isn't quite right, if you have a iso-10646-1 encoded font
that matches the iso-8859-15 you picked e-font will automatically use
the iso-10646-1 font.  It will only use the iso-8859-15 font if there is
no iso-10646-1 that matches the rest of the font spec.


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