Re: [Evolution] Evolution and i18n

in the header part of the preview pane.  If I choose a font in encoding
ISO-8859-15 for the HTML viewer (in the Gnome control center), I get the
Euro sign, but then presumably I can't also see the ISO-8859-1 character
A4 in an ISO-8859-1 encoded message or string.

Yup. The way things are now, you need to choose a unicode/iso-10646
encoded font in order to be able to see characters from more than one
iso-8859 character set. If you have XF86 4.0, then you have such a font.
(I don't have XF86 4.0, so I don't know what it's called. :-)

I *think* the plan is to eventually be able to select multiple GtkHTML
fonts with different encodings to specify how to display different
character sets.

In the header pane

"message list"

the subject displays as the ISO-8859-1 character A4,
the currency sign, regardless of what font I choose, and despite the
fact that it's an ISO-8859-15 encoded string.

Huh. That's a bug.

Is it at all possible to generate a message with non-ISO-8859-1

You ought to be able to do that just by having non-iso-8859-1 characters
into the message, although it sounds from what you said like that is
also broken. There are a handful of bugs open involving this that will
hopefully get fixed some time between the 0.11 feature freeze and when
0.11 is released.

-- Dan

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