Re: [Evolution] Contacts gone as well...

This doesn't work for me (redhat 7.0, evo 0.10 installed via RC, DB1,
DB2 & DB3 installed).  nor does the updatedb method specified in the
archives...  I never had any contact problems before, now I can't even
enter new ones, nor see my old ones.


On 23 May 2001 16:35:12 +0100, Ross Burton wrote:
On 23 May 2001 11:04:47 -0400, Josh Means wrote:
I'm using RH 7.1 and updated Evo via RC yesterday as well and I'm
missing my contacts.  Never had any problems before this either and now
I can't even seem to add any contacts.  Oh well, chalk another one up to
the bug list.

This is easy to fix.  Make a backup of
~/evolution/local/Contact/addressbook.db to addressbook.db.backup (for
example), then in that directory run:

db_dump185 addressbook.db.backup | db_load addressbook.db

That should fix it,
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