[Evolution] bug in displaying folders with unread mail?


I use an IMAP account with some folders and subfolders on
my IMAP server. When I receive new email, this mails go into
the INBOX folder, thats ok. *Before* reading any of these new
mails, I mark them all and apply my mail filters to them, so
that some of the mails move into other (IMAP-)folders, that's
still ok. The problem is, that in the folderlist the folders with new
(unread) emails in them are not highlighted (bolded), and there
is no hint, that there are unread mails in them, until I click onto
the appropriate folder. 

Is it's a software bug or my fault?

I'm using the latest cvs checkouts of evo, gal, gtkhtml,
orbit and oaf.


Stefan Palme
kleiner77 gmx net

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