Re: [Evolution] Concernd abot hogging system

How fast is your computer? My computer here at work is a 233mhz computer
(not the lowest, but not speedy), and it only pauses things for at most
3-4 seconds. Which IMO isn't desirable, but at least acceptable.

Hi, I just now timmed it, from the time I clicked on the executive icon,
to the time that icons on the pannel started highlighting as the mouse
passed over them was 21 seconds.

My hardware is a PII @ 300mhz, 96meg of ram.  It's a fast machine, when
I brought it it was the fastest machine tested by the local PC World (in
NZ. They do a test every month and it's well worth readding a few
befoire bying a PC)

3-4 seconds I could live with, Ray mentioned mail spool size so here are
some facts:

I have two mbox files, one is only 100k, the other is 56meg, it has an
18meg mbox.ibex file and a 2.3meg mbox.ev-summary.

My kernel is 2.4.2

I could swear that i nthe past I had changed the big folder to a maildir
rather than mbox, as thsi was in the past giving me import speed
problems so after sending this mail I shal try that again...

Looking at the size of the mbox I think Ray could be right...


  Rob Brown-Bayliss

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