Re: [Evolution] Concernd abot hogging system

It's probably just processor or I/O intensive. Plenty of other Linux
apps will seemingly lock the system if they are doing something super


On 22 May 2001 08:33:40 +1200, Rob Brown-Bayliss wrote:


I am concerned that evolution is maybe doing some thing thats not nice
to the rest of the system. 

For example, when I start up evolution, and for the first time that
session click on the Executive Summary icon, obviously evolution has to
build the summary, and this takes time.  But while evolution is building
I am anable to do anything butmovethe mouse.  The panel and task bars do
not resbond to the mouse over or clicks untill teh summary has built.

This is not how every other busay app behaves, and I had thought how
linux in general behaves.  (I have to say it - It is how windos behaves)

Whats the story here?  How is evolution interferring with every other
app, right down to the system basics like window manager and pannel? 


  Rob Brown-Bayliss

evolution maillist  -  evolution helixcode com

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