Re: [Evolution] Filter question

I normally hate me toos, but I concur with Matt.

On 21 May 2001 11:22:40 -0700, Matt Nelson wrote:
You should re-consider your priority for this feature.  It makes Evo 
nearly unusable for people who use IMAP and subscribe to several mailing 
lists.  Here is a rundown of my email use:

  - subscribed to many mailing lists
  - depend on email for important business communications
  - have email client "automatically check" for new mail so that 
business-related messages don't go unnoticed.
  - filter out list-related messages so my Inbox should only contain 
business mail, and will be quickly noticed when it arrives.

I doubt that the above is an unusual use of email.  In fact, I suspect 
that it is very common.

Without automatic filtering, the above is not really possible because 
the Inbox is always cluttered so always demands attention.  I know that 
I won't use Evo as long as automatic IMAP filtering is missing.

BTW, was there a specific decision to exclude this functionality?  I am 
a bit confused, because all other email clients I have used seem to 
filter automatically.

Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:

filters do not get applied to IMAP mail automatically because they are
not "downloaded" when you hit Send & Receive. We do plan on adding a way
to automatically filter IMAP mail at some point but I'm not sure when
this will happen.


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