Re: [Evolution] Config directory


(I'm posting this to the list, 'cause I forgot to post it there, sorry)

Am 21 May 2001 11:10:07 -0400 schrieb Jean-Philippe Proulx:
But I think we have to include the option and ask the user...
Because for me, ~/evolution is really not practises.

Here my question is: why isn't it practical for you? what is wrong with
~/evolution? and why is ~/.evolution better?

Okay, an option on the commandline would give the chance to use it or
not... but I'm not seeing why ~/.evolution is better...

On 21 May 2001 14:59:42 +0200, Manuel Borchers wrote:

Am 20 May 2001 22:17:31 -0400 schrieb Jean-Philippe Proulx:
why we don't set the config directory to [~/.evolution] and not the
Or just include and option in the command line?


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