Re: [Evolution] Config directory

I think this discussion might get a new boost now when nautilus includes
an option to make $HOME to the users desktop. This means that the user
is going to have a evolution dir on their desktop. 
Ok, this is not a config dir, but is it a directory for the user to
fiddle with? I don't think it is, and hence it should be hidden. So a
name like .evolution-mailboxes_and_other_stuff would do it I think ;)

I guess the new $HOME as desktop is just a evaluation option in
nautilus, but I think it might not be a totaly bad idea. So I'd like to
reopen this discussion from this new perspective.


Den 21 May 2001 13:35:53 -0400 skrev Jeffrey Stedfast:
This has been discussed numerous times on this list in the past. Please
see the archives for an explanation.


On 20 May 2001 22:17:31 -0400, Jean-Philippe Proulx wrote:
Hello all,

why we don't set the config directory to [~/.evolution] and not the !!!
Or just include and option in the command line?

Thanks a lot

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