Re: [Evolution] Attached is a mail which crashes Evo 0.10

On 18 May 2001 10:20:57 -0400, Ettore Perazzoli wrote:
In the future please send something along the lines of "I've got a message that
seems to crash evolution; who wants a copy?" and then privately mail it to those
people, so they get it when they're expecting it. Otherwise, you're probably 
going to just wind up pissing off a lot of people and maybe triggering a torrent
of flames aimed at you.

  This actually bit me me right now.  :)

  BTW, this bug is triggered by the stupid `g_utf8_strlen()'
implementation that hangs on invalid input.

Yeah Jon is working on fixing most of these cases.  I'm also going to be
more careful about sanitizing strings in the tokenizer to work around
the gutf8 stupidity. 

Sorry about that - I thought attaching it would be fine.  Then again I
feel terrible at the moment (nasty cold) so I'm thinking slowly at the
moment... :-(

  The best way to submit reports about messages that crash Evolution is
to use the "Add attachment" feature of Bugzilla.



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