Re: [Evolution] Attached is a mail which crashes Evo 0.10

In the future please send something along the lines of "I've got a message that
seems to crash evolution; who wants a copy?" and then privately mail it to those
people, so they get it when they're expecting it. Otherwise, you're probably 
going to just wind up pissing off a lot of people and maybe triggering a torrent
of flames aimed at you.

  This actually bit me me right now.  :)

  BTW, this bug is triggered by the stupid `g_utf8_strlen()'
implementation that hangs on invalid input.

Sorry about that - I thought attaching it would be fine.  Then again I
feel terrible at the moment (nasty cold) so I'm thinking slowly at the
moment... :-(

  The best way to submit reports about messages that crash Evolution is
to use the "Add attachment" feature of Bugzilla.


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