[Evolution] Cut an address from 'Cc:' to 'To:'


Sometimes when I reply to a message to a mailing list, I like to reply
to the list only, not the list and the sender.  (The sender is on the
list anyway, and will receive double reply.)

For most of the lists, when I choose 'reply to all', I get a composition
window with the senders email in the 'To:' box, and the list email in
the 'Cc:' box.  In this situation, I would like to cut and paste the
email addresses from the 'Cc:' box to the 'To:' box.

However, there doesn't seem to be a way to cut anything out of the 'Cc:'
box.  Nor is there a way to paste anything into the 'To:' box.

Any hints?

Weiqi Gao
weiqigao networkusa net

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