Re: [Evolution] red carpet url incorrect

On 14 May 2001 10:00:20 +0200, Xavier Bestel wrote:

RedCarpet messed completely my install:
[xav nomade:~]$ rpm -qa|grep evol  

'had to correct all with rpm.

That's what I got too.  I was able to correct the problem with Red
Carpets own 'File->Verify Installed Packages'.  When I chose that menu
item, Red Carpet reported '1 necessary uninstalls' for the extra
Evolution Snapshot package.  And I uninstalled it.

My problem now is that both the Evolution and the Evolution Snapshot
channels reports an evolution package of size 20.67MB, which I'm sure
was not the size of the package when I downloaded it yesterday.  The
download was for two evolution packages at 7.xMB each for a total of

Weiqi Gao
weiqigao networkusa net

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