Re: [Evolution] New Evolution CVS (May 13)

I see this behaviour as well (compiled from CVS yesterday). I compiled
both GAL and gtkhtml from CVS as well. As you can see, I'm using
Evolution to compose this message, so the message text field ONLY
disappears when I press ENTER (or RETURN on the keypad). Only the main
text field disappears (the window size remains the same), but once it
does, pressing the SEND button doesn't work. Cutting and pasting CR/LF
characters works.

On 13 May 2001 20:33:27 -0400, Tony Rein wrote:

I've successfully built Evolution from CVS today, but I can't get it to work 

It works OK for reading email, but not for composing. When I try to compose a 
new message, I can fill in the recipient and subject all right, but the 
message body window goes blank as soon as I start typing the message body.

The other problem I'm having is with the Pilot conduits - After "make 
install," files named e-address.conduit, e-todo.conduit, and 
e-calendar.conduit show up in /usr/share/gnome-pilot, but the corresponding 
capplets don't appear in the Gnome Control Center.

Thanks in advance.

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