[Evolution] Evolution doesn't like Message-ID ???

I'm using evolution 0.9 and it seems to have a annoying gap: Ev doesn't
generate a Message-ID in the mail headers!
It seems to well mananage the references for the threads, but does not
include a unique Message-ID in each sent message. It 's very annoying
for me, because my Sympa mailing list manager blocks most of the message
i send with Evolution! (Sympa doesn't detect a new message-id, so it
refuses my messages in order to prevent a loop in the ML)
Anyone has an idea when this gap will be removed? (For now, I'm forced
to use netscape :-[[[)

Vincent Frison                     |               Ohm Force
System Administrator               |  Digital Audio Software
mailto:vincent frison ohmforce com | http://www.ohmforce.com

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