Re: [Evolution] evolution slightly misses the boat...

On 02 May 2001 23:34:30 -0700, Dan Berger wrote:
'Course since I've been using evo's built in POP support, procmail
doesn't get run...
So now I have to ask if there's a way to have the "send/receive" button
invoke a handler process on the mail before delivery - or something
equally ugly.
Any suggestions?

I can recommend running fetchmail via cron, with a local IMAP server.
This way procmail has access to every message which comes in, and if Evo
suddenly stops working you can just fire up any other email client which
supports IMAP (or the native mail store - I use the UoW IMAP server so
Pine reads my mail store fine too).

Oh, and could someone on the evo (or gtkhtml) teams *please* implement
the control-shift-arrow bindings to select-previous-word (rather than
jump to the subject widget)?

Control Center -> HTML Viewer -> Keybindings should help.

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