Re: [Evolution] Folders vs. VFolders

Virtual folders dont contain their own copies of messages, they merely
reference messages in existing folders based on the search criterea.

All operations, like reading, deleting, etc operate on the message as if
you selected it in the source folder.

So the advantages are that you can have multiple dynamic views of your
mail without having multiple copies of it, and all operations act on the
original folder, so if you read a message in one vfolder, it is read
everywhere, etc.  The creation of the views is simpler/faster than
filtering messages into a new mailbox too, etc.


On 02 May 2001 16:24:21 -0700, Kernel Panic wrote:
I am really confused here. I setup filters for all my mail lists, and
created subdirectories to the Inbox, in which the emails are moved
according to their list source...all works fine. 
I've been looking at VFolders now, and I fail to see the
difference...what are the advantages/disadvantages (if any) between
vfolders and normal folders??

Thanks for clearing this up. I tried to read the evolution manual but I
just get an error when it tries to open.

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