[Evolution] IMAP folder as inbox

I appologize if this is documented somewhere, but the Red Carpet
snapshots don't seem to include the documentation

I'd like to make my local inbox really the one on my IMAP account. All
my mail is done through there, so the evolution:/local/Inbox lies

That makes things a bit ugly if I add a mail summary to my executive
summary. It has a nice bolded "Inbox", which will never include

I've managed to get my inbox on there somewhat by creating a virtual
folder named "Inbox" that contains anything that matches either one of
two rules: "status is read" or "status is not read"

That at least gets it on there, though it's ugly to have it sorted in
there rather than at the top, as well as to have the bolded Inbox at the
top which I can't get rid of.

I suppose the other solution would be to copy my imap inbox to my local
inbox, but that seems like an even uglier approach.

Any suggestions? Or is this something that's already going to be
addressed later?


David Hoover

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