Re: [Evolution] Keybinding bug

OK... so there you go...
I *thought* the point of all of this is to _eliminate_ the need
for windoze... I personally have no need at all for it. I can do everything
I need to do proficiently in Linux, and I was under the impression that 
we were all trying to replace Uncle Bill's OS with ours. At least that's
I've always been trying to do... Make things easy. And that's what I
thought Ximian
was all about... 

My point is if they can't give up Outlook, then they probably can't give
up Windows.

I thought that Evolution is a more fine-tuned, better, replacement for
The idea is to REPLACE Outlook. So people Can give up Outlook... That was
my Windoze
crutch for Quite some time... until I had IMAP turned on... The only point
I am trying to 
argue is that I think that the transition would be easiest for people, If
the interfaces
were close. Not Identical, but easy enough to make a transition.Thats more
that 2 cents on that one.


On 2001.03.27 10:53:26 -0500 Duane C. Mallory wrote:
Well, I do use Win4Lin for my Lotus Notes Client at work.  We use
Domino, and while I can access my mail and mail folders via IMAP through
Evolution, I still need to admin the system - Win4Lin fills the bill.

My point is if they can't give up Outlook, then they probably can't give
up Windows.

Best Regards,


On 27 Mar 2001 08:58:42 -0500, Michael Leone wrote:
The fact is, those who use Outlook will more than likely continue to
Outlook.  Those who want something better will use Evolution.  Don't

Nope; I used to use Outlook; now I use Evolution. You can't use Outlook
Linux, you know, without using Win4Lin or VMWare.

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