Re: [Evolution] bug reporting

Hi Tom,

I know i've read through your messages, but either didn't have an answer
at the time, or didn't have the time to answer and considered it a known
issue and didn't get to it.

We try to answer most of the mails but sometimes we can't keep up with
everything and a few slip by - I think you were unfortunate to have
slipped though each time.

Looking back i saw a couple from you still in my inbox, e.g. the galeon
thing, well i dont know galeon at all, but you can't even configure
evolution-mail to bring up a composer from the command line yet (it will
be possible), so the answer is "it cannot be done at all - yet".

The other issue with occasionaly crashing, I think that is a known bug
too, and 0.10 should address it  - to some extent at least.

Because there seems to be some issue posting bugs via bug-buddy, I would
suggest using the bugzilla interface at, but
please check through it first to see if any similar bugs have been
posted or fixed already.  Also watch the lists as some bugs are fixed
already in the development snapshot and not in a released version yet.

Thanks for giving it a go, and although your messags were not replied
to, they were still in my inbox at least, so not (entirely) forgotten.


On 21 Mar 2001 13:54:50 -0500, Tom Cooper wrote:
I've been noticing and reporting issues with Evo.  

I've not seen responses to many of the comments I've made on this list,
and fear that reporting them here is not beneficial.  Is anyone looking
at the issues I've raised?  Is there a better way to report this

Please advise.

Tom Cooper

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