Re: [Evolution] Evolution clarification

think evolution has a great, gui related, problem: I'm unable to set an entry 
in the address book, simply by cliking, for example, on the mail address in 
the <from: > field of an email.

This feature is available in the CVS HEAD branch.  I'm not sure what the
Evolution team's plans are, but I assume it'll be available in the next
release (0.10?).

evolution: The choosing ability of a folder to contain a maling list, simply 
declaring the name of the folder and the address of the mailing list, and the 
ability to sent an email by clicking directly to the mail address.

This feature is avaiable now.  You can either create a filter to do
this, or much easier, right-click on one of the emails from the list and
select Create Rule From Message | Filter on Mailing List.  (I think this
only works for lists that have X-Been-There in the header).


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