[Evolution] Evolution clarification


I'm pretty new to that list, but, as always when a new RedHat Linux (I'm 
currently using RH Linux 7) is on the way to be released, I start a testing 
period for a lot of applications, like the ximian redcarpet (interesting!) 
and the nautilus desktop manager, and, of course, evolution.

First of all, I wish to say I don't want to move critics to anyone who wrote 
al least a single line of code for evolution, or for other great opensource 
software, I'm a student and I have not the skill to make great code changes 
or great hacks to the sources. So don't take offence if I say something that 
you cannot agree, I'm talking as a user!

Let's go on...

I have tried the latest snapshot release, in rpm, the build from the cvs is 

As said before, I'm using a RedHat 7 linux, with a full running Ximian 
GnomeDesktop, RedCarpet, mozilla 0.8 and nautilus.

I had no time to test all the features, so I don't relly know if something 
doesn't work because I have not yet discovered how to make it work, but I 
think evolution has a great, gui related, problem: I'm unable to set an entry 
in the address book, simply by cliking, for example, on the mail address in 
the <from: > field of an email.

If I want to add an address I need to copy the address, paste it in the 
address book, and manually compile all the fields.

As a mail client I'm currently using kmail from the kde2.1 package, I think a 
lot of you are currently using it, as is one of the most complete mail client 
for Linux, so, please, take a look for an example of what I mean. It simply 
allow a user to add a name in the address book by clicking the right button 
on the mail address.

I think there are some other few things that could be nice to see in 
evolution: The choosing ability of a folder to contain a maling list, simply 
declaring the name of the folder and the address of the mailing list, and the 
ability to sent an email by clicking directly to the mail address.

These two feature are common of a lot of mail clients, and I have found them 
also in Kmail.

There are some few bugs in evolution, but I think you all are doing a great 

Thank you,


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